Artisanal confectionery production

Production, conservation and distribution of Made in Puglia desserts
dolci artigianali

Dessert production

Sweet Puglia means quality Dessert production. A brand born from the need to provide artisan desserts dedicated to the B2B market.

Thanks to the experience and dexterity of professional confectioners, and special preservation methods such as raw felling, the production of cakes, pies, profiteroles and various other Made in Puglia specialties such as Pasticciotti, the typical Apulian sweets, maintain all the quality and the taste of a fragrant and freshly baked artisan product.

The distribution

The distribution network of Sweet Puglia products is ready to supply throughout Italy any dessert product from our workshop. Find the nearest dealer on the dedicated page, and ask your wholesaler for our product.


We produce desserts by hand according to traditional recipes with the best ingredients and professional confectioners.


We keep desserts using modern and special methods such as raw felling to maintain the highest quality of the product.


Our artisanal desserts are distributed throughout Italy. Search for the nearest distributor or request to join our network.

Best of

The result of these steps are typical specialties with a unique taste like our Pasticciotto Pugliese.

Discover the Pasticciotto Pugliese of our handicraft production